Fitness and Health

I’ve spent many hours and a fair bit of cash investing in my own health and wellness. Then at the end of 2020 it hit me – train to be a personal trainer. At this stage I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I want to learn properly so that if I want to, I could save people the years I have spent on getting my act together.

My Why

There is no quick answer to this. In brief, I had a dream, I grew up being taught inadvertently that immobility and obesity equals misery. I know that my daughter will likely follow in my footsteps no matter how hard she tries not to, so I better make them healthy footsteps. I want to be strong and there’s no avoiding the main one; I want to be smaller.

I will be blogging about this in more detail as I track my journey to becoming a Personal Trainer!

After 9 months of training, I was very pleased with my shoulders in this vid!


Fast forward a few months since I updated this page. I’m now into month 6 of not exercising. I have managed to do a bit of the personal training study, but have had to stop since I can’t do anything physical.

Thankfully, I had signed up to do a level 4 bells and whistles training course, which involves earning some nutritionist qualifications. That’s what I am working through now and I flipping love it!