I was not expecting that

As I finally sit down to write on what should have been a joyous day after completing Step One. I am not writing about my success and this time it is nothing to do with me throwing in the towel. There is one day a year that is full of hope and promise. The first … Continue reading I was not expecting that


Step One – Teeny Tiny Targets

In my line of work, as in many others, setting goals and targets is a common occurrence. I have literally delivered training on setting SMART goals etc in relation to planning work for children. It is not much of a leap to apply it to fitness and nutrition. However, as with nutrition, just because you … Continue reading Step One – Teeny Tiny Targets

When the consultant rings you on a Sunday evening, your heart sinks.

I had my MRI scans on Friday morning. In a big van in the hospital car park. Just as husband was saying, "when do you think you'll get the results?" as we were making Sunday dinner, the phone rang. The consultant rheumatologist was on the phone asking if now was a good time. I sat … Continue reading When the consultant rings you on a Sunday evening, your heart sinks.

Injured and frustrated

I've always gone through periods of back pain since forever. This recent stint started in September out of nowhere, it is now February and I am so over it! Lisa, drawn by my daughter- kinda sums up how I feel right now I think some things have improved, forced by lockdown's hand. One is being … Continue reading Injured and frustrated