What is happiness?

I have been asked to consider this question this week. What is happiness? I describe the feeling of happiness as a sense of contentment. If asked, "are you happy?" I would answer, "yes" because in my day to day life, the percentage of things that are lovely are higher than the percentage of things that … Continue reading What is happiness?


And what skills can you bring to the Zombie apocalypse?

I used to watch a fair bit of zombie apocalypse programs or dystopian wotsits. One of the things I used to question was, “how much use would I be to people in a zombie apocalypse?”   Not saying that this is a zombie apocalypse, but it is interesting how we have all learned very quickly … Continue reading And what skills can you bring to the Zombie apocalypse?

Make do and Mend charity evening

In what accidentally seems to be shaping up as a year of charity, I was very eager to help when an email popped up from Charlotte inviting me to help at her fundraising evening. Charlotte was raising money for Marie Curie in honour of her mother. She decided to host an evening at my local … Continue reading Make do and Mend charity evening

Red January 2020

If you've been following my Instagram, you'll be sick of hearing about my #redjanuary2020 antics, but here is a round up of what I found out during the 31 day active challenge. If you wouldn't mind... please bung a couple of quid to Mind mental health charity https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/red-january-2020-88b78220-bfc9-4a83-8a5a-5ad02f884278 January is long. Not much to add … Continue reading Red January 2020

The Sewing Weekender 2019

The much-coveted weekend for sewing obsessives opened its doors to me, the weekend before my return to work. It was incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking as well as emotionally tricky. When I set my alarm to make sure I could get one of the tickets (that sold out in 2 minutes) it was a long wait … Continue reading The Sewing Weekender 2019

I have excellent taste. Monkeys, zebra print and hot pink faux fur hoodie.

  The lunacy of this outfit reflects my freshly ignited passion for sewing that I'm going through at the moment. Hazel is totally dissing all the dresses I make for her, but she was happy with the foxy hoodie, so I embarked on making her another one. This time instead of using my stash, I … Continue reading I have excellent taste. Monkeys, zebra print and hot pink faux fur hoodie.

#redjanuary update plus a #grainlinelinden success 

I'll start with the Linden. I've coveted this for a long time, but worried about the fit and final look after my #toaster disappointment, I decided I'd go cheap first. Thankfully, Fabricland did not disappoint and I picked up this cute 'winter jersey'. I can't remember the price but it would have been under £4 … Continue reading #redjanuary update plus a #grainlinelinden success