Nearly two years on…

It is approaching two years since I started sewing. So I thought i'd take some time to reflect on how far I've come and what my new challenges are. I still don't know why sewing clicked for me this time. It's always been very high on my list of things I want to be able … Continue reading Nearly two years on…


Cow Print A-line dress – My Moovalous World Book Day Make

Hazel's World Book Day outfit happened on a whim. I hadn't planned to make her an outfit at all, but I found myself twiddling my thumbs on the weekend and the idea popped into my head. Her favourite book is "Click Clack Moo" by Doreen Cronin. I've had it for years as I have a … Continue reading Cow Print A-line dress – My Moovalous World Book Day Make

Creativity: Your school needs you!

I’ve offered a sewing club at school. Years ago this would have been a much more relaxed group I am sure. However, it is desperately sad that in my experience, year on year children’s hands-on skills are deteriorating. In the past I’ve met children of 7 who have never used sellotape. I have had to … Continue reading Creativity: Your school needs you!

Simplicity Sewing Challenge – 1206 Toddler Dress

Here is my second entry to this years Simplicity Sewing Challenge - Childrenswear. Hazel NEVER lets me take photos of her with my phone. Anyone else, she will literally say "cheese" and pose, but me? No, I get full on tantrums. I had to do some paparazzi shots using my proper camera as well as … Continue reading Simplicity Sewing Challenge – 1206 Toddler Dress