Fabric Parcels – How to… (cats optional)


I put my towels, tea-towels, fabric and flannels into parcels. Not because I have too much time on my hands, or because I am disproportionately pleased with neatness. It is because once in a parcel, they do not need re-folding and you can move them around, dig them out and shove them back in a pile without them getting in a mess. It works with large lengths of fabric and little fat-quarters.





Start by folding your fabric into a square shape.







Fold each side up into the middle, overlapping.







Fold one of your ends across to the middle – it should be the neater end of the two. Look for a little pocket amongst the folds.







Fold up the other end and shove it gracefully into the little pocket.








It’ll look something like this.







One side of the parcel is neater than the other. I put this one towards the outside. Here is my scraps collection.


This is my cottons stash – parcels of approx. 3 metres each fabric. Oh gawd, I just noticed the camper-vans are upside down – hang on, must … go… flip it round.

Lunacy, perhaps. But I’ve done this with my towels for years and I think it looks pretty. So give it a try!


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