Step One – Teeny Tiny Targets

In my line of work, as in many others, setting goals and targets is a common occurrence. I have literally delivered training on setting SMART goals etc in relation to planning work for children. It is not much of a leap to apply it to fitness and nutrition. However, as with nutrition, just because you know what to do, doesn’t mean you do it!

My thoughts at this time of injury is to do what I can do rather than focus on what I can’t. I happened to be listening to a few goal setting podcasts by Parallel Coaching and decided, come on… you know what to do, put on your big girl pants and crack on with your own target setting.

I have written before about the importance of the daily grind and action being the most important thing in getting towards your goal. So yes while there’s always some vague target of seeing muscle definition in my arms again and being a bit smaller all over, repairing my back, it isn’t enough to drive me to make daily changes.

I devised my first plan for my road to recovery I’ve called it “step one” – inventive huh?

All manner of memes talking about taking one step at a time to conquer a mountain can tell you the same idea, but this doesn’t stop it being hard. Especially when you are as impatient as me. The thing to remember is that procrastinating and over thinking a plan can take up as much time as a low-key plan with at least some forward momentum. I was honest with myself and realised that I had been titting about and avoiding getting on with my goal for far too long. So step one is a super easy one. Totally manageable which hopefully has a high success rate. The small changes in step one will be enough to get me on the right path.

I think this time, the key was – think of a simple target then simplify it some more.

For example, my weight has been creeping up as my exercising ground to a halt and I often eat too much. But bearing in mind I am still not in a great place, I’m in a lot of pain, on lots of medication and I just need to be a bit nicer to myself – a target could have been to stop the overeating. No weight loss, just stop the weight going up, try and maintain the status quo rather than keep putting on. In other words, I want to lose some extra storage, but the first step could be stop storing more rather than start losing it. Can you see how that would be a manageable first step?

My target date is 1st August, which gave me 5 weeks from the start point. Nothing special about 5 weeks, but it passes quickly, and it feels soon. This reminds me to keep focussed. A three-month target gives you too much wiggle room.

This approach can apply to anything. Clearing years of clutter is too overwhelming. But 5 weeks to clear 2 drawers is not. Yeah 2 drawers isn’t much, but it is 2 drawers more than when you ignore the clutter for another 5 weeks.

So far on Step one I have been ok, I check in each week and keep records as I go – high chances of success at the end. Then on to Step 2….

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