Find your why

This is probably the most common motivation tip that people start with for all things health and fitness. I’ve put “find your why” on my to do list many a time. However, can I really truly grasp it? No. Not really. I can think of loads of reasons why I want to be healthier and leaner. But none of them seem to drive me enough through the tough bits.

The only time I have had solid motivation was when I had my “why” of fitting into my wedding dress. It was a one off designer dress and in the words of the great Kate Hudson in Bride Wars, you don’t alter a Vera Wang dress, you alter your body to fit the Wang. Or words to that effect. Well, anyway I was very driven to fit into my dress. It wasn’t a Wang by the way it was a Stewart Parvin and it was very small.

In my studies to become a health coach, I read a lot about goal setting and breaking things down into smaller goals etc. my first client is myself, so I’m thinking again about my health goals. Though it is far from easy to come up with a definitive direction. I’m injured, so a clear goal could be to get myself physically able again. Bit boring though huh? I’m overweight, but only by a touch so it’s not driving me to stick to my plans.

So in the meantime I am assembling a list of where I want to be generally. In the hope that through this I will gain some focus. It’s all a bit elusive at the moment.


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