Injured and frustrated

I’ve always gone through periods of back pain since forever. This recent stint started in September out of nowhere, it is now February and I am so over it!

Lisa, drawn by my daughter- kinda sums up how I feel right now

I think some things have improved, forced by lockdown’s hand. One is being able to email your GP surgery instead of going in for an appointment, you fill in all your issues and they ring you. It’s been great. Why? Because in an email, you can write exactly what you mean to say, you can think whether you have missed anything and you can spell out the things you I’ve been googling. Then lets face it, it gives the GP time to google the symptoms too before they ring you. I don’t blame GPs for trying to get people sorted in a ten minute window, but the amount of brushing off that I’ve endured has been pretty frustrating.

A long story short, after investigating the back issue from afar and having a couple of x-rays, this time it turns out they found something. Sacroiliitus. The SI joint, which I know all about since I’ve been studying anatomy, has narrowed on one side and is inflamed. If I’m lucky, that is all it is. Once mobile again I will have to manage it for life with exercise etc. However, given my mum’s history and other symptoms; it could also be the first sign of axial spondyloarthritis. Which is shite. So i’m on the list to see a rheumatologist.

In the mean time, it has meant I can’t do anything, rest, work or play. Well, I’ve been going to work obviously in my super safe school, where Covid doesn’t come through the gates, if you believe Boris. But I have to have a quick cry after getting out the car. I have to stand up, resting my keyboard on an upturned bin and help children after wincing and saying, “be with you in a minute”, before beginning the long hobble to the other side of the room clutching my hot water bottle. Sitting down at home hurts, unless I get pretty inventive with wedging cushions. I can’t exercise other than walking Molly. It’s times like these when I realise how bloody annoying my brain is. It never stops. I get brain fidgets! But all I can do is sleep, nap and have a little lie down.

However, I am hopeful that a visit to the osteopath will work miracles. The other positive, is that it is pretty motivating in the old exercise and fitness department. Once fixed, I’ll have to keep up the training or i’ll end up like this again.


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