What on earth are you playing at studying to be a personal trainer?

My daughter has been helping me learn about bones 🙂

Yeah, my brain has asked me this question a few times.

There was always a small thought in my head that it might be something I’d like to do, but I never really took it seriously. With this year being off the charts mental and reaching prime mid-life crisis age, I suppose I just took the leap.

I think if you really want to achieve anything, it’s always best to get some help. I’ve had help from gurus, nutritionists, counsellors, personal trainers etc. in the past and all have had a major impact on me in some form. My recent help from a nutritionist finally got me on the straight and narrow with food. Then it struck me, I could do that. I could help people.

I’ve been a teacher for 15+ years now and my whole career is based on making children progress and motivate themselves. My own personal growth has come from meeting the right people at the right time who have got me onto the path I wanted. I am successful in my teaching job, so I’m thinking, could I transfer this to grown ups? How will they respond to stickers? I am joking obviously, none of my kids get stickers. But actually, I could really make the process of becoming healthier a reality for people. BUT I need to know the real facts and be qualified before I even start. There is a hell of a lot of shiz out there for all to see. I don’t want anything to do with the pedlars of bullshit and misery.

Thankfully my family are supportive of me and my overactive imagination. I only “work” for 3 days, so that allows me some wiggle room to re-train. I’ve signed up with Future Fit Training (who trained my own personal trainer) for all my qualifications. I am starting at the beginning with level 2 and will eventually, if all goes well, will get to level 4 after a couple of years.

My first unit – Anatomy and Physiology level 2. My first thoughts, F me this is hard – have I made a terrible mistake?

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