I had a birthday

I keep thinking to myself that I really need to do some writing. But i’m limiting myself because I haven’t done any sewing in months and the whole wellness thing is in turmoil. So, as my laptop is out to register with the opticians – my sister is right, you do go blind when you hit 40, I thought, open up wordpress and write.

Apologies if you only want to see my sewing projects, apologies if you only want to hear about adventures with my daughter/dog/art. But while I sort out what’s going on, I’ll be blogging about all kinds!

It is weird being 40. It definitely feels that I’m not old enough to be 40. I am pretty immature, not in a stroppy tantrum way, but in a farts-and-bums-still-make-me-laugh way. There’s certainly a sense that I should have my shiz together by now. However there is a sense of, “just stop caring so much” about all the shiz instead. That frightens me a bit.

Do please stick with me, I’d love to be writing to someone!!

2 thoughts on “I had a birthday

  1. Haha, isn’t it weird how we’re all conditioned to think we should be “proper grown-up” by 40? I hit 55 a couple of weeks ago and feel as silly and immature as ever. I say it keeps you young!


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