Rodney, you stonker!

Apologies first of all for the terrible title, but hey.

Here is Rodney, A much loved pet who was commissioned into an artwork for a 40th birthday. A birthday that is weighing on my mind at the moment, as mine is coming up. *shudder* Anyway, I digress. Here’s a quick run through of my creation.

After looking through several photos of Rodney, and preparing a sketch, I then went to stare a bit at the black and white supplies I have. Remember the episode of Father Ted, where he says priests have to get their clothes from Habithat because they wear really black black, everything else is just really really really really dark blue? I ended up using 3 different “blacks” in this piece as they were all slightly different and helped to build up the depth.

I cut the fabric to match the main shapes of his colouring. I used a mix of felt and jersey here to get another shade of black in. I do vertical basting to hold it all down,

Rodney has some distinctive markings on his face, plus his eyes stand out, being the only different colour on the piece, So to make sure I got this part right, I sketched the positioning in with thread first.

I love to use little bits of embroidery stitch (pre-programmed on my Pfaff) to add a bit of interest, and show the direction of the fur. This is also where the different shades of black came in handy as I could add a sheen to his coat,

I went rogue and added a bit of light grey, just to show the natural partings in the white of his coat.

I tend to focus most of my detail on the face when I do pet portraits, to really capture some personality, This is Rodney, not any old black and white moggie.

Doesn’t he look handsome in red!

I think my next step is to experiment with some framed pieces rather than cushions. I also have my own dog Molly to pop on a cushion too. I’ve also had a request for some human faces!

As ever, if you are interested in talking to me about a commission, please contact me here or via my Facebook page.

Enjoy your summer holidays, kids!

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