And what skills can you bring to the Zombie apocalypse?

I used to watch a fair bit of zombie apocalypse programs or dystopian wotsits. One of the things I used to question was, “how much use would I be to people in a zombie apocalypse?”  

Not saying that this is a zombie apocalypse, but it is interesting how we have all learned very quickly what really matters in the world. I am grateful I can put a meal together, even more grateful that my husband can also put a meal together and is lording it over the kitchen most nights.

I used to watch The Walking Dead – I gave up since that dreadful series of 2018, which was an absolute yawn fest. Any way, I digress. In particularly boring moments I would ponder my gratitude that I can ride a horse, very useful. Not now, obviously, but if we do end up back to horse and cart, I reckon I’d be ok. Not sure the horse would make the round trip to work and back, but…

Though of course the main thing I thought would be useful to my fellow man in post-apocalyptic times would be my sewing skill. Ignore the fact that if there was no electricity, I don’t actually know how to use either of my vintage hand-cranks (small detail).

What I have now called my “isolation jeans” have lost all dignity in the crotch and I’ve had to mend them twice now! It seems most of the sewing community have been doing their bit by making scrubs, bags and masks. I did a few bags for the NHS to put their plagued clothes in after work. I’m getting bored to buggery with photos of people making masks though. Except for one I was just sent by a pupil. The other lovely part of people dragging out their sewing machines in this time- more people are sewing! It’s something to do isn’t it? I’ve just been sent a photo of just that. One of my pupils took herself off to figure out the sewing machine in a moment of boredom and made herself a mask from nowhere. It made my day seeing that.

So despite being well versed in all necessary skills for dystopian living, I didn’t plan for the unbearable wave of lethargy and rage that I would have every so often. I have some lovely fabrics, some new patterns I’d like to make and time. But I cannot bring myself to do anything. Let’s face it. I’d probably look at a zombie, sigh, hold out my arm and say, “go on then, make it quick”.

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk on

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