A little trip out with our paintbrushes.

As the summer holidays roll on, you find yourself clutching at straws at how to fill the day, preferably for free. Hazel had been nagging for a picnic. Simple pleasures. So I dusted off our National Trust membership card and went to Greys Court near Henley.

I packed our picnic, then had a bit of an idea. I also packed a couple of sketch pads and a minature watercolour box.

After food, despite struggling to find a bench with a view, we finally found this little corner in the gardens. I did some random colour sketches and Hazel did a lovely little observational drawings of the walls. I was quite impressed!

We were there for about an hour, it was incredibly relaxing. It reminded me that it was the act of just doing something that mattered, not the big start to finish project that always seems to stop me from even starting.

I’ll leave you to guess which ones I did!

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