Not sewing for 4 months? What have I been doing? Reaching goals!

On the 18th June 2017, it was Fathers’ Day. So we went to Wallingford, Oxfordshire as we often did to mooch about and enjoy the day. We’d talked so many times about moving house, somewhere more rural, somewhere that reflected what we both wanted to do, somewhere a bit more “us”.

Feeling increasingly like we were not where we wanted to be in life, I was driving home when I made the statement – Let’s stop thinking about it, dreaming about it, watching others doing it – let’s bloody well do it. Let’s decide to move here and get it done. It’s simple enough to “just decide” what you want to do or have, though it won’t make anything change. If, however,  you get that moment of focus, think on. What is it exactly? We knew that we wanted to live in Wallingford, even if this meant renting.

I have spent the year since that date thinking and making my goal happen. By continually taking little actions towards it. There were a billion obstacles and most of the worst were completely out of my control. But a little over a year later, we moved to Wallingford. We haven’t ended up renting, we have our dream house, but that was a bonus.

The first photo above was taken on that Fathers’ Day – day of the goal setting! We have to move house and live here! The second photo was taken approximately a year and three weeks after, on a little evening walk after dinner – 2 minutes from our new house.

It was a really hard year, full of strain. We couldn’t sell our house, the housing market had completely stalled. No one was even offering, let alone cheeky offers. We came off the market, went on again. We viewed houses, fell in love, made offers, lost a house. Lost a mortgage, nearly didn’t have the funds due to incompetent solicitors. The most stressful part for me was not being settled in time for Hazel to get a school place. I had every faith in “the move” until my precious daughter had her offer of a place at “Dangerous Minds Academy”. But I also had a back up plan.

Without sounding too preachy and woo – and you’ll have to forgive me – the way I achieved what seemed impossible, was to do something; take a tiny action every single day towards my goal. So this started with the usual de-cluttering (ha! I have clutter?! Actually, yes I did!!) I redecorated and cleaned a lot. We put flowers in the garden and made the junk room less junky. This was the easy bit though. After this was all accomplished, the viewings started and no body returned, it was the daily actions towards my goal that really got me through. I did a variety of things, but it just kept the faith for me. For example, I started to pack things that I wouldn’t need until winter, thinking “I’ll be moved by then”. I did a spread sheet of what the new budget would be, for when we’d moved. I de-cluttered some more. Some days, all I could do was a small step such as cleaning the windows. All the time thinking, “this will get me closer”.

I can’t begin to explain how glad we are that we have moved. I’ll blog more about our house and its refurbishments. But I am so grateful for making that statement and sticking to it. I believe this method can work for many goals in life. Take a little daily action towards whatever it is you are aiming for, keep your focus and don’t be afraid to get there along a different route than you first thought.

And if you hadn’t already guessed, my sewing machine and paraphernalia was all packed up about 4 months ago! In my next post, I’ll share MY SEWING ROOM!!

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