I have excellent taste. Monkeys, zebra print and hot pink faux fur hoodie.



Monkeys, zebra print and hot pink faux fur.

The lunacy of this outfit reflects my freshly ignited passion for sewing that I’m going through at the moment. Hazel is totally dissing all the dresses I make for her, but she was happy with the foxy hoodie, so I embarked on making her another one. This time instead of using my stash, I actually chose and bought this fabric.

It was a fun make and I made it without much of a seam allowance so it came up a little bigger.

I made the centre of the hood from faux fur (just on the outside). I restrained myself and didn’t add ears or eyes. But I did line the kangaroo pocket with fur so it’s really soft and cuddly.


So although the make came together quite well (despite the fabric being super thick in places) I probably won’t make her wear it unless she wants to. As if she’d let me dress her in what I want now anyway. But the two reasons are:

  1. It’d be boiling hot as it’s really plasticy fleece.
  2. It flipping crazy looking.


In other news I was utterly thrilled to have a day at Sewisfaction learning how to use that swear-inducing beast that is the overlocker. I enjoyed the day for so many reasons. Firstly, the space and atmosphere is so beautiful in the shop, it’s a really calming space. Secondly, I LOVED talking with other sewing obsessives – it’s as if we had a separate language of “Coco’s, jersey, Heather’s…” and I could keep up with it all. To be with like-minded people is such a tonic. Of course if you were listening to us gabbling away from a different table in the cafe, you’d probably be thinking, “what the F-?” Thirdly, I really enjoyed having a lesson with Sheona, she’s inspirational and when I grow up I want to be just like her. Finally – I learned what I went for – I can use my overlocker!! I can thread it, and change things on it and if I want to do more that just make my seams look finished, I know the other stuff it can do too!

I’ve been sewing like a mad banshee this week, but I’ll update you on that another time xxx

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