Back to sewing dresses for my little girl #buildingblockdress

It’s been a while since I’ve made anything for Hazel, I enjoyed every minute of this make!

It all started with H rifling through her wardrobe and demanding to wear a dress – for size 12-18 months.

I looked at the dress and realised that I thought I may be able to make one fairly similar. I said to Hazel that, if she liked, I could make her one a bit like that in blue with stars on it. She leapt into my lap and said, “Oh mummy, that would make me so happy!” No pressure there then.

Off I went to flick through my copy of Building Block Dress by Liesl Gibson.

I noted the pages I would need and started to trace…

I had to make the flared skirt for twirling purposes.

Have to mention these that I found in Hobbycraft. It’s sticker by numbers and is only 1-4. Perfect for H to work on for a few minutes while I started to sew. She also likes to stick one on each nail and look gorgeous.

Soon after I set to work, thinking I was ready, I realised I had forgotten to draft the pockets. I went rogue and did a half and half facing to reduce bulk (and save me from having to go upstairs and get my spare star fabric).

Top Stitching using the triple stitch function on needlecord – rocks my world!

I think a lining makes everything look better. I made this lining from that awful bridgetown dress I made. I just did the bodice though.

I was really pleased with the pockets in the end.

“Whatcha doing?” This little face was quite enthralled by whatever it was I was doing. He was on loan from borrowmydoggy – I’m aching for a dog of my own, but I have to wait until we’ve moved!

I hadn’t planned this dress/fabric combination, so I had to raid the button pot for these. They’re just shirt buttons I think, but they’re ok.

Mistake of the make. Gotta embrace them!

Let me explain. She obviously didn’t want to wear the dress once I’d made it. So using mummy-negotiating I got her to try it instead of changing into her jimjams. This is why the hair and indeed her expression is slightly more crazy than usual. I particularly like the one sock on and one sock off look.

I love it and it looks super cute on her. I’ll be using up some cotton with a new version very soon.

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