I’ve just escaped from an institution and I’m on my way to a toga party – How do I look? #sewmystyle

In re20170430_191304al life, I find it difficult to hold my tongue. I was elsewhere when “tact” was being issued. In internet land, I try to keep things positive; shine a good light on things. But seriously? This dress was an absolute load of balls.

It is the Bridgetown backless dress by Sewhouse7. I made it as part of the #sewmystyle challenge. There’s not too many out there on Instagram, not like the toaster, which was everywhere (and also not one of my favourites). I’ve seen some lovely versions of the Bridgetown, but I think my favourite are ones made from jersey, or significantly adapted from the original. I made mine from drapey navy blue rayon/viscose which was really nice, smooth, not too much of a bugger to control and thankfully cheap.

I played with the back quite a lot. It did sit as it was meant to in the pictures, but I think backless floaty dresses are probably best reserved for beautiful slim models. Ignoring the fact that my back was completely bare, creating boob control questions, when I wore it, it just seemed to fall off. I made the top half in quite a small size, but it really feels like a bed sheet. I played with adding a stitch to hold the back together in a place that would help the thing stay on, it would mean you could wear it with a bra, but you’d be playing endlessly with the shoulders to keep it all in place.


For anyone who is wondering… it’s the Hazelnut Fairy in honour of my daughter. And yes, it hurt. 

Here’s the back with the little stitch in – and a blurred toddler head.

Don’t you love how the extra fabric adds inches to my waistline, every woman’s dream!

I also have to make a decision now and stick to it. I don’t like elastic waistbands on anything other than pyjama bottoms or children. I didn’t like the elastic waist in the TATB Bettine, and I’ve never had one in ready to wear clothes. Now I must promise to steer clear of elastic waistbands, no matter how good other people can make them look – they don’t suit me.

You may be picking up on my less than positive attitude by now. This is because I’ve been really struggling with my sewing at the moment. I don’t get much time to do it and so when I do, I want something nice at the end. I’ve made a couple of crappy projects the last few times and it’s really getting me down. I’ve said aloud several times that I am going to give it all up. But I think I probably need to make something good and break my doom cycle.

I did actually really enjoy making this Safran by Deer and Doe, but it’s too small around the hips for me. I might be able to slice up this toga Bridgetown and make a Safran from it. Yes, I think that’s a plan. See, I can’t give up sewing for long.


And…. Here is the now almost obligatory best photo from my husbands collection. My camera failed him again so he was forced to catch this blurry shot. For anyone who has had children, we have just entered the “Must be naked” phase.

Well, rant over. Sorry SewHouse7, I know it’s a great pattern for some, just not me.

Here’s hoping my next post will feature something I’m proud of!













4 thoughts on “I’ve just escaped from an institution and I’m on my way to a toga party – How do I look? #sewmystyle

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  2. As you’ve declared your dislike for this project, I feel safe in asking: this is “sew my style” yet everyone is supposed to make the same thing? That’s mind-numbingly stupid. People are different, and there is no “style” that fits every woman. In a challenge like this you should have four different, well-drafted patterns each month, because you need choice. Good for you to realise what you like and not. Take a closer look at that. Or take a peek at Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth (https://my.liveyourtruth.com/dyt/home/). It was an aha moment for me, and has been a life saver in choosing projects that fit and flatter. Plus, I got to know myself a bit better. That didn’t hurt, either. 😃


    • I think the intention was to get young fashionable types into sewing. But I see your point. I think instagram can lead everyone to end up sewing the same thing, you have to be pretty clear on your aesthetic to not be lulled into thinking you need to make dungarees or a jump suit. I didn’t ever like vintage, but I’m finding myself planning some Gertie cropped pants! It’s a challenge to really listen to yourself isn’t it?

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