Cow Print A-line dress – My Moovalous World Book Day Make


Hazel’s World Book Day outfit happened on a whim.


Her book in action

I hadn’t planned to make her an outfit at all, but I found myself twiddling my thumbs on the weekend and the idea popped into my head. Her favourite book is “Click Clack Moo” by Doreen Cronin. I’ve had it for years as I have a bit of a cow fetish. It’s about a herd of cows that type messages to the farmer on a typewriter. It’s too cold in the barn, so they demand electric blankets. I know it word for word, as does Hazel, so it made a good choice for a book day dress.


I scribbled myself a design

I had to draft the pattern myself!

I turned to my trusty Building Block Dress book and found that with all the adjustments I made, I had eventually drafted an entire pattern all by myself – well that was a first. While it is only an A-line dress, it is fully lined with a key hole opening. Not very complicated, but it took me ages to get the pattern right!


I made it from white cotton lawn, that I have in to make linings and the leftovers from my black shirt dress. I randomly cut out shapes and appliqued them in place. I even went freestyle and made a tail.

This was the most unpicked and re-stitched dress in my sewing history!

I’d never done a full lining before, or a keyhole opening. So I did the key hole opening and back tail etc. first. Then realised I needed the back to be in two parts to fit through the shoulders. I had to cut the whole lot open again!

Dear Farmer Brown,


The book is full of these typed letters from the cows. So I used some muslin and zig zagged the edges. I wrote the writing using a fabric pen.

She actually posed like this herself, doing quarter turns each time – what a pro!

Am I going to be one of those mums now?

By this I mean one of those over-competitive, my child has a better costume than yours types. Well. No. But I must admit I LOVED having the ability to make her something. I could have easily plonked her in the shop bought Gruffalo costume that she has. But I know that this honestly is her favourite book at the moment and no-one else would be wearing this. Pass the bucket warning – As with my own clothes, there’s a special feeling about wearing something you made yourself. It felt lovely knowing she was wearing this dress at nursery, like a little mummy cuddle, while I was on a school trip with my 32 other children.

When I picked her up, they told me they were googling what her outfit was meant to be and didn’t realise until they read the copy that she brought with her that day what it was! *eyeroll.

It’s all in the preparation

After spending hours pattern making, unpicking and restitching the cow dress. I was able to make her a follow up horsey dress to wear to the Knitting and Stitching Show. It was made from start to finish in an afternoon -ahh my kind of sewing.




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