End of year ramble; minimalism, new year’s resolutions and sewing plans…

People don’t believe me at first when I say I’m not doing Christmas. I’ve “not done it” a few times now. It’s not really a bah humbug thing, but a combination of wanting to make it feel a bit more special and not allowing buying things to take over December. I do meet up with friends and family and have a roast dinner. But otherwise, that’s it really. I haven’t sent Christmas cards for years – such a waste of time, money and trees. I buy presents for Hazel and other children in my life. But I’m quite content not receiving many presents myself. One of my mantras is collect experiences, not things. This year I was able to buy our best friends (who normally never expect anything from us) two tickets to a show later this year. Which reminds me, we did make it to our first panto as a family – definitely going to keep up that tradition!

Hazel is only just picking up on who Far Chrit Mass is, but I think this is the last year I’ll be able to abstain from Christmas. Next year, I’ll do Christmas with jingle bells on, but it still won’t involve buying tonnes of stuff.

Something I have always loved is New Year. Never fussed about new year’s eve parties or anything, but I love the potential a new year brings for a fresh start. I’m a bit of a list maker. I love putting the old year behind me and setting new goals, even though I haven’t met my goals as often as I’d like, I always approach a new year with optimism. 2016 has been really shite for many, many reasons. It’s been emotionally exhausting and I think it’s been taking to sewing and my precious daughter that has helped me keep going. I am feeling positive about 2017. So in the last few days of 2016, I’m thinking of my list and putting it to paper – my goals for 2017.

Major goal – cliché alert – get fit.

It’s a regular goal in my life and it is probably the hardest one to do. I have eaten far too much this year and been continually demotivated to get any exercise. I’ve put some positive steps in place and I really want this goal to get my full attention this year. I think the sewing will have to take a back seat until I get a regular exercise plan under my belt. I’ve started borrowing a dog, which helps me get out walking a bit further, faster and out of shops along the way. I’ve had a Fitbit for a while now, so even if I do nothing else in a day, I’m going to commit to getting 10,000 steps a day at least. I have to stop eating rubbish food and takeaways. I’m not going on a diet, but I’m going to be mindful of my food and use a lot of the Fit in 15 recipes for my meals. I have achieved this goal before – 5 years ago when I had to fit into my wedding dress. So while I know it is possible, I just don’t have the same motivator this time!

Sewing goals – Sew less? Really?

I really need to stop buying fabric so often. It is becoming too much of an addiction and having it all wait around gives me a feeling of pressure that I don’t need to feel. I have so many beautiful cotton prints ready for dresses for Hazel. I have loads of fabric for several projects for myself. I also have far too many patterns. I’m not going to stop buying fabric; that just won’t happen. But I am going to only buy fabric for specific projects, near the time that have to make it. Instead of just clicking and buying 3 metres of anything I fancy, every couple of weeks days.

As I am committing to my physical health and fitness, I am going to aim to cut down to one sewing project a month unless I can manage more. As if by magic I stumbled upon the #sewmystyle project on Instagram and I’ve signed up. One item a month of very wearable clothes. Perfect.

I have 2 weddings to attend this year, so that’ll be a chance for me to make something quite special, like a Gertie vintage dress. The guests will be different at each wedding so I could get away with wearing the same dress twice if I need to!

I hope the Simplicity Sewing Challenge will run again in the summer as I really enjoyed that.

I obviously want to squeeze in a few things for Hazel too, I have a plan for a Gruckalo (Gruffalo) inspired A-line dress first. Then I want to work through my cotton stash and keep adapting the building block dress as that helps me learn so much. I’d like to make her a pair of pyjama bottoms – that’s been on the list for over a year, maybe I’ll do that first.

Well, it’s written down, so with a bit of luck and a lot of bum kicking I really hope to succeed as far as I can. Fingers crossed 2017 is a great year for everyone out there!

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