Chilly Seagulls 2 – The Finished Skirt


The finished skirt- Hmmm… Well lets just say I learned lots of things from doing this.

So here it is. It’s ok. I’ll probably wear it to work in the winter with some long black boots, but I think generally it’s not my style so it was never going to make me “squeee”. However, it is one of the only things I’ve made that is good enough to even consider wearing out of the house in front of real people, so that’s a plus!

Truth is, I made this a few weeks ago and haven’t got around to blogging.

So I can’t remember all I wanted to say. But the photos above show the bits that I liked. I was mostly happy with the lining and it looks tidy on the inside where I had to sew it in with my version of slip stitching. I did mess up the lining and the zip bit on the inside though, I just completely forgot. I always love the look of the fake over-locking stitch that my machine can do, it makes it all look so tidy. Lastly, I thought I would try and find a nautical decorative stitch to go along the hem of the lining. But out of my billion decorative stitches, I couldn’t find anything. What I did find though is what looks a little like seagull footprints in the sand, which I am pretty pleased with.

I always like to add the “Hazelnut” logo on the bottom of my makes. Also I tried something different on the hem. I did a regular straight line and while it may look like a design feature to have a second line of zig zag, it was purely functional. Truth is, I had mis-judged where to put the hem stitches and they hadn’t picked up enough of the inside. The second line of zig zag actually holds up the hem, and looks pretty!



This is one happy accident that I am really pleased with – pattern matching!

A complete accident that the two back panels actually lined up, but hoorah! It goes a bit on the top and I’ve given him a squinty eye, but the rest look splendid if I do say so myself.








I continue to hate zips.

I can never get rid of the bump bit that always appears at the bottom. Any tips, greatly appreciated.




Here are another couple of pics…

And that is my finished Chilly Seagulls skirt!



I’ve added this pic for comedy value.

Who knew one of this projects lessons would be about my husband?

I have to include this photo to illustrate my dear husbands composition skills. I asked him to take the photos and this was the only non-blurry one taken outside. I had to laugh because I hadn’t clicked that the hose was there, he did, but just assumed I’d crop it out the photo instead of maybe, moving it? Oh and of course the most dead part of lawn really adds an element of class. Bless him, he does make me giggle. Though as he says, it was my cameras fault.
















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